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Bank of America offers a variety of perks and benefits to its customers. This makes it a top choice for those seeking a bank that goes above and beyond. Whether you’re looking for travel protections, rewards programs, or employee benefits, Bank of America has it all. With their Preferred Rewards program, Museums on Us program, and industry-leading resources and support for employees, it’s no wonder why Bank of America is considered one of the best banks in the industry. Read on to discover all the amazing perks and benefits that Bank of America has to offer.

Travel Protections

Regarding credit card benefits, Bank of America provides a range of travel assurances that can provide assurance to any globetrotter. Firstly, the Bank of America Rewards card includes car rental support and roadside help. Which, can be incredibly useful in the event of an accident or malfunction. Also, the card grants purchase security privileges, which can help defray the cost of vanished or stolen items while travelling. These advantages alone can make a big difference for anyone who regularly travels for work or leisure.

For those looking for even more travel benefits, Bank of America also offers the Preferred Rewards program. This program provides real advantages and rewards on everyday banking and investing. Including travel rewards that can be redeemed for flights, hotels, and more. Furthermore, Preferred Rewards members have access to exclusive travel benefits. For instance, waived foreign transaction fees and discounts on car rentals, hotels, and more. These benefits make a major difference for anyone who wants to get the most out of their credit card while travelling.

Bonus Travel Benefits

Another travel-related bonus that Bank of America provides is the Museums on Us program. This program grants complimentary access to museums for cardholders on the first full weekend of each month. Although this may not seem like a travel safeguard at first sight, it can be a great way to save money on entertainment while travelling. Whether exploring a new city or discovering your own town, taking advantage of this program can aid in stretching your travel budget even further.

Generally, Bank of America’s travel protections are one of the many advantages that the bank presents to its customers. From reward programs and special offers to employee advantages and resources, Bank of America is committed to supplying its customers with the support and resources they need to succeed. If you’re searching for a credit card that can provide you with peace of mind while travelling, consider the Bank of America Rewards card and the other travel-related benefits that the bank has to offer.

Preferred Rewards Program

For those seeking extra benefits and rewards, the Preferred Rewards program is an appealing option. This program awards customers with points on their day-to-day banking and investing activities, which can be redeemed for cash rewards, discounts, or other advantages. Depending on the level of membership, members can secure additional bonuses and perks, such as fee waivers, higher interest rates on savings accounts, and more. This program is an ideal way for devoted customers to get more out of their banking experience.

Rewards: One of the key benefits of the Preferred Rewards program is the ability to acquire bonus points on eligible Bank of America credit cards. Customers with a Bank of America Travel Rewards credit card can earn an additional 25% to 75% bonus points on every purchase, contingent on their membership tier. This allows customers to garner points quicker and use them for travel rewards, statement credits, or other advantages. Additionally, the program offers a selection of other benefits, such as discounted rates on home equity lines of credit, auto loans, and more.

Requirements: To take advantage of the Preferred Rewards program, there are a few qualifications. To join, you must have a valid Bank of America personal checking account. As well as a three-month average combined balance of $20,000 or greater in qualifying Bank of America banking or Merrill investment accounts. Once these requirements are met, you will automatically be enrolled in the program and start earning points on your banking and investing activities. With the Preferred Rewards program, customers can gain extra value from their relationship with the bank and enjoy exclusive benefits and rewards.

Museums on Us Program

The Museums on Us Program is a wonderful asset, provided to customers of Bank of America, Merrill Lynch and U.S. Trust. This program grants free admission to over 225 cultural institutions across the United States, and is available to cardholders on the first full weekend of every month. A great opportunity for art and culture enthusiasts, this program provides a chance to explore new museums, learn about a variety of topics and save money while enjoying a day out with friends or family. Additionally, enjoying this benefit can also help customers accumulate points and rewards with Bank of America’s credit cards.

Providing access to museums, Bank of America demonstrates its dedication to supporting arts and culture in local communities. This program is a testament to the company’s values and mission to make a positive impact. Along with Museums on Us, Bank of America also offers a myriad of other perks and privileges, such as travel protections, preferred rewards programs, and employee benefits. For frequent travelers, culture enthusiasts, and Bank of America’s employees, there is something to benefit from, allowing them to save money and reap rewards, while enjoying an improved banking experience.

Employee Benefits and Resources

Committed to delivering industry-leading benefits and resources to its employees, this company ensures a welcoming and inclusive workplace for all, providing medical accommodations and transgender and gender identity support. Furthermore, it encourages its staff to give back to their communities by providing paid time off for participating in eligible programs. Evidencing its dedication to the well-being of its employees and those around them, this company is an example to be followed.

Boasting a variety of insurance, retirement, and vacation benefits, employees can take advantage of medical, dental, and vision coverage, as well as life and disability insurance. The company also offers a 401(k) plan with a company match, along with flexible spending accounts and discounted legal services. Additionally, it acknowledges the importance of work-life balance and grants generous vacation time and paid holidays.

The Preferred Rewards program rewards and benefits its eligible customers for their everyday banking and investing. This includes no fees on select banking services, discounted auto loans, and bonus points every time they use their Bank of America credit or debit card. Moreover, commercial cardholders benefit from the Benefits on Us program, which provides exclusive perks such as free shipping and discounts on travel and dining. This exemplifies the company’s commitment to offering valuable resources and benefits to its clients.

Volunteering Opportunities

Make a lasting difference in your community through volunteering opportunities available to Bank of America customers. Not only does it give the chance to be part of something bigger, it can also benefit the individual in many ways- personal growth, developing leadership and teamwork skills, and building networks. With the resources and support of Bank of America, customers can take advantage of these unique experiences and give back to their communities.

Opening a Bank of America account is the first step to a fulfilling volunteering journey. Through these activities, individuals can find a sense of purpose, elevate self-esteem, and learn valuable skills. Make a positive impact and discover the potential of giving back by becoming a Bank of America customer.

Insurance, Retirement, and Vacation Benefits

Recognizing the hard work of their employees, which is why they provide exceptional insurance, retirement, and vacation benefits. These advantages afford the team members a sense of security and assurance in their personal lives, so they can be devoted to their professional obligations. A comprehensive medical, dental, and vision packages, plus life and disability insurance, guarantee their staff can take care of themselves and their loved ones without financial worries.

Retirement planning is an essential part of any employee’s fiscal future, and their retirement benefits help people plan for a comfortable life after work. Their 401(k) plan is provided with a generous employer match, plus access to economic advisors who can assist with informed choices when it comes to retirement savings. Furthermore, they have paid time off, which includes vacation, sick leave, and personal days, so that employees can take a break and spend quality time with families.

The bank’s commitment to its staff goes beyond just insurance and retirement benefits. BoA also offer a diversity of vacation benefits, such as paid holidays and a flexible time-off system. This system allows their personnel to take days off when they need it, without having to accrue vacation time or go without pay. Moreover, they provide resources and assistance for those needing help planning and booking their vacations, like exclusive discounts on airfare and lodgings. Devotion to the well-being of employees, which is reflected in the comprehensive insurance, retirement, and vacation benefits provided.

Additional Benefits and Rewards for Some Cardholders

Cardholders of this esteemed bank can take advantage of a wide range of exclusive perks and rewards. From cashback bonuses on designated purchases to discounts on various products and services, customers of this bank can truly benefit from their loyalty. Plus, customers may be eligible for even more cashback rewards, lower interest rates, and waived fees. It’s clear that this bank is devoted to providing its customers with the top-notch banking experience they deserve.

This esteemed bank strives to show its customers appreciation for their loyalty. In addition to the rewards already mentioned, some cardholders may gain access to exclusive VIP lounges at airports or discounted tickets to concerts and sporting events. These privileges are intended to give customers an incomparable experience that they couldn’t find anywhere else. By offering these perks and rewards, this bank is able to stand apart from other banks and give its customers an unparalleled banking experience.

Benefits on Us Program for Commercial Cardholders

The Benefits on Us program is an exclusive solution for commercial cardholders, offering a range of discounts and special offers from merchants across the country. This efficient program is designed to help cardholders shave off expenses on their everyday purchases, as well as to expand their business operations.

Enrolling in the Benefits on Us program unlocks a bevy of advantages, such as savings on travel, dining, office supplies and more. Moreover, cardholders can benefit from exclusive promotions, providing them with the means to reduce their business costs and grow their enterprises. This program is supported by top-notch customer service, allowing commercial cardholders to have access to the support they require. By providing this program, they are devoted to supporting their commercial cardholders and helping them reach their goals.


In conclusion, Bank of America is an excellent choice for customers looking for a wide range of perks and benefits. From travel protections and purchase protection perks to Preferred Rewards program benefits and free admission to museums, Bank of America has a lot to offer. Additionally, Bank of America provides its employees with industry-leading benefits and support. This includes medical accommodations, volunteering opportunities, and insurance, retirement, and vacation benefits. Whether you are a commercial cardholder or an everyday customer, Bank of America has something to offer you. Make the most of your banking experience with Bank of America and enjoy the many benefits that it has to offer. If you’d like to sign up to Bank of America, click here to learn more!

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